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December 2016
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California Beaches with Mountains
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In a recent blog post about California’s hot vacation spots, a student asked if there are any parks such as state or national parks with mountains and beaches. I surveyed the list of nine National Parks in California, my best bet for finding this type of geology and landform, and guess what? I realized that though the “mountains” at these beaches are somewhat small (in fact they call them islands), you could consider several of the Channel Islands National Parks somewhat mountainous as their cliffs drop to the sea, with hardly a beach. One that specifically comes to mind is  Anacapa Island, the Galapagos of the Pacific. To mount this majestic, island with scant beaches, you must depart a boat and climb a near vertical set of stairs leading to the plateau where seagulls find a nesting home. Tourists with strong stomachs (the hour-long boat ride gets a little bumpy and can make you sick if you aren’t prepared), have daily opportunities to visit this gem from Oxnard, the other Hollywood, as we see it. And though you can rough it and camp overnight on this small island (ideal for kayakers and explorers, but not so great for pampered travelers with kids), our very favorite beach resort in all of California, Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach, offers sand beaches, views of the islands, made-to-order all inclusive breakfasts, swimming, sand volleball, rentals bikes and paradise. 

4 Responses to “California Beaches with Mountains”

  1. sxdstin Says:
    Beaches with mountains…wouldn’t that be something like South Lake Tahoe? Of course there’s no coast, but you’re up in the mountains and there are beaches. Just thinking out loud. Sx
  2. steve b. Says:
    Mandalay Beach is a nice hotel. I had heard about it from a friend (never knew it was there in Oxnard), as I’d been staying further north in Santa Barbara. Of course you can’t beat Santa Barbara for a vacation. Its restaurants, museums, mission and great beach volleyball are a few things I like, and when the kids come along, we take them to the zoo. We actually took our kids (age 3 & 6) with us to Anacapa Island. It worked out fine, but I think we probably won’t take them again till they are older. It was hard getting them up those steps. Still, the time we spent in our beach front suite and Mandalay Beach with our kids, building sandcastles, swimming and the great breakfasts made the weekender well worth the price. I think we paid around $225 for one night.
  3. wills Says:
    Big Sur has mountains that end at the beach. The Big Sur coast beaches are some of the finest I’ve ever seen. of course the steep drops are treacherous (lots of people fall, or go over the edge in a car from time to time). But for pristine beauty if you are visiting in California, you’ll find one of the most incredible drives right along Highway 1 on Big Sur Coast.
  4. bigbo Says:
    Who needs the mountains with the beach? Living in Missouri, I’d be satisfied to have either a mountain or a beach.

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